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Architectural Services

WD Architects provides personalised architectural services from concept to completion. With a strong grounding in ecologically sustainable outcomes, we design with each client's priorities in mind while providing ideas, direction and coordination to achieve uplifting places to live and work.  

We can tailor the scope and extent of our services to suit the needs of each client and project.

We provide complete Architectural and Interior Design services. Our normal services include 3d perspective drawings, submissions for planning approval (when needed), and energy modelling and certification of residential projects.

We arrange and coordinate specialist consultants such as surveyors, soil testing, engineering (structural, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, civil, acoustic, geotechnical), town planning and certification. We have developed good working relationships with several companies in each discipline and we are also open to working with new organisations if they have proven track records.

The typical progression of the services is as follows:

Schematic Design

Initial concepts through to a resolved design. ie. 'This is what we want to build and we know it can work.'

Design Development

Further refinement of the design in terms of structural coordination, refinement of details and features, preliminary energy assessment. ie. 'This is how we will make it work.'

Interior Design

Interior design is fundamental to our holistic approach. It encompasses the unseen as much as the visual - the feel, function and form. It includes materials, acoustic treatments, colours/finishes, cabinetry design, hardware selection, fixture selection, electrical and lighting. ie. 'Determining the things you will touch and see.'

Construction Documentation

Detailed drawings and specifications to demonstrate compliance to the certifier and to direct (and hold accountable) the builder.

Design of details and specification have major impacts on maintenance (ie. future effort and expense), construction cost and the environment. We take an holistic approach to design in considering the multitude of clear and subtle issues that impact the end result.

ie. 'This is how we want it built.'

Contract Administration

Tendering to selected builders, preparation and administration of the building contract to ensure that the builder and owner meet their obligations under the contract. Regular site inspections and meetings with the builder to ensure they are doing things satisfactorily and as they have contracted to do it. Resolution of any issues that arise with respect to changes, errors, or omissions by the builder. Processing and certifying builders payment claims in order to manage owners' risk.

We have developed relationships with builders whose quality and integrity are aligned with our goal to create sustainable, affordable architecture that will endure. In this way we can manage costs from the outset while affording the potential for innovation.

ie. 'Controlling and monitoring how it gets built.'

Additional services that we can provide include: